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ECC Decision of 14 March 2008 on the harmonised use of the 5875-5925 MHz frequency band for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), amended on 3 July 2015

Published Title Description Status Download
2007-12-21 CEPT Report 020 Report from CEPT to EC in response to the Mandate on the harmonised radio spectrum use for safety critical applications of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the European Union Active
2008-08-05 EC Decision 2008/671/EC Commission Decision of 5 August 2008 on the harmonised use of radio spectrum in the 5875-5905 MHz frequency band for safety related applications of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Active
2007-02-20 ECC Report 101 Compatibility studies in the band 5855– 5925 MHz between Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and other systems Active
2007-09-13 ECC Report 109 The aggregate impact from the proposed new systems (ITS, BBDR and BFWA) in the 5725-5925 MHz band on the other services/systems currently operating in this band Active
2007-09-13 ECC Report 110 Compatibility studies between Broad-Band Disaster Relief (BBDR) and other systems Active